Advice from Seasoned Adviser

By Diana Carroll, Carson-Newman University

Spend time training yourself.

Become familiar with the following resources:

  • KON Website – It takes some time, but it will help you facilitate chapter planning and to keep up with available resources, due dates, and new initiatives.
  • President’s Handbook, Adviser’s Handbook, and Chapter Handbook – The President’s Handbook contains selected parts of the Chapter Handbook; the Adviser’s Handbook contains information about the adviser role and includes content of the President’s Handbook, and the Chapter Handbook is a compilation but with additional information and resources. “Tips for Successful Chapters” (Chapter Handbook) is a vast resource of ideas.
  • Adviser Role – Read this every year to “re-tool” and “re-energize.”

Commit to Officer Training. Prepare an agenda with the President to review the Website and handbooks, paying special attention to officer duties, chapter calendar, and program resources including Required Program.

Set meeting times with President. Monthly meetings help to manage activities and officer responsibilities assures effective communication.

Work with Program Committee. Help the committee to get ideas from members and to involve members in planning and implementing events, including publicity and e-mail reminders. Suggest students, alumni, and faculty resources for presenting programs.

Inform faculty about activities and meeting dates. Make sure faculty members and administrators are invited to events.

Establish record keeping practices. Because retrieval of information is so important, help students by having a file of good examples of minutes, financial reports, initiation plans, etc. Make your own calendar with reminders, such as “Contact registrar office for list of students that meet scholastic requirements.” Obtain permanent chapter storage in the unit.

Tell Your Chapter Story. Help chapter officers maintain a bulletin board, develop press releases, etc.

Ask for Help. Call another adviser or the National Office. Attend Conclave to meet advisers and develop a network.


Advisers Often Ask———

By Dorothy Mitstifer, Executive Director

Advisers often ask me how to promote chapter meeting attendance. Although I don’t have surefire solutions, my response is that participation comes with involvement. The following practices help build relationships and create opportunities for commitment:

  • Schedule a chapter event very soon after Initiation and publicize at Initiation
  • Review involvement opportunities and encourage participation at Initiation
  • Build relationships through ice breakers and name tags
  • Appoint new initiates to committees at first meeting after Initiation
  • Schedule incoming and outgoing officer planning session
  • Schedule personal success stories at each meeting (e.g., internship appointment,  acceptance of a paper for publication or presentation, fellowship announcement)
  • Issue personal notes of congratulations
  • Schedule brown-bag seminars

Announcing KON Adviser Blog

Kappa Omicron Nu Advisers at ScholarCon in July 2014 asked for an opportunity to share ideas, ask procedural questions, or generally discuss advising issues. This Blog is a response to that request, and the Board of Directors and I are delighted to promote advising excellence, strong programming, and student engagement.

Please request a login name and password from (just so you know–BOTs love blogs, so this process is required).

We expect to have an announcement soon about a Regular Blogger who will enhance this opportunity for Kappa Omicron Nu communication.

As always, emails or telephone calls are always welcome at my office.


Dorothy I. Mitstifer, Executive Director